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Syscom is actively working on the development of the following product:

eHotel Functional and technical specs for day to day hotel management. eHotel does have sub components called eHospitality, eRegistration, eManager, eGuestTracker, eDeals and eRewards.

The goals of the eHotel modules are as follows.

  • eHospitality® helps the customers to maintain the relationship between a guest and a host, and it also monitor levels of hospitality, that is, the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

  • eRegistration® enables the users to track registrations online, onsite. It enables the guests to check the registrations on their PDAs as well.

  • eManager® enables the users to manage the internal administration such as inventory,  stock limits, re-order levels and place orders automatically with vendors.

  • eGuestTracker® enables the users to track their guests within 4-5 miles radius from the hotel and notify in case of any emergencies on the device provided by the hotel to its guests at the time of check in. This is a very helpful tool especially for the guests who are kind of first time tourists and don’t know the whereabouts.

  • eDeals® enables its users to check the tariffs in the area and set the tariffs accordingly to attract the customers.  It gives leverage on the hotels in the area and also offers best deals to it customers via emails.

  • eRewards® enables it user to track the rewards given to its guests. It also helps the guests to choose the available packages based on the rewards in their accounts. The guests can also combine the rewards with other offers.

If you would like buy this product or request for a demo, please contact our sales.


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