Big Data & Analytics

Syscom Technologies Big Data & Analytics practice is empowered by partnership with :

    • Industry recognized Big Data thought leaders
    • Forest Rim's Textual ETL tool (to convert unstructured data to structured data)
    • Access to resource pool with experience on Big Data ecosystem including No SQL, Hadoop Ecosystem, Machine Learning, MPP databases etc.
    • Access to resource pool with experience on advanced analytics techniques such as predictive analytics, data mining, statistics, and natural language processing

    SYSCOM Technologies has developed a framework for Big Data called CLO (Corporate Listening Office). The foundational premise of the concept is to enable an enterprise to integrate structured, semi- structured and unstructured data .Become customer centric in their products and services offering , by harnessing customer sentiments, behaviors, interactions and their digital personas across social media, online and offline channels, and creating a single platform to enable true insights into customer's needs, challenges, aspirations and disappointments.

    Why CLO?

    • CLO is targeted to achieve one goal – Big Data & Customer Centricity
    • CLO helps customers to effectively build a trusted relationship to Maintain, Sustain and Innovate - Products, Services and Service levels
    • CLO helps organizations manage acquisition, service and opportunity costs
    • CLO helps organizations drive a better wallet share of customers

    CLO - Tenents

    • Listen & Learn
    • Engage & Respond
    • Research & Innovate