IT Solutions

SYSCOM Technologies through years of IT services engagements has developed technical expertise and created intellectual property to provide unique, repeatable solutions and meet the demands of some of our customer's biggest problems.

We have worked closely with small software companies to develop innovative products and have been selected to partner with thought leaders in the data warehousing and textual ETL domains. Our solutions partnerships include Forest Rim Technologies, focalCXM, edCirrus and datagaps to develop software or implement solutions.

Through our partnerships, Syscom offers the following solutions:

  • Textual ETL
  • Mobility Solutions
  • CRM Tools and Enhancements
  • BI and ETL Vaildator
  • Education Solutions


Textual ETL - Syscom has formed a partnership with Forest Rim Technologies' Bill Inmon and Krish Krishnan, both computer industry pioneers, as advisors for our data warehousing practice. Bill is known as the father of data warehousing and was named by Computerworld as one of the top ten individuals influencing the computer industry over the last 40 years.
Syscom’s partnership with Forest Rim® Technology’s Textual ETL provides technology that allows an organization to read text in any format in any language and to convert the text to a standard relational data base (DB2, Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server et al) where the text is in a useful meaningful format.

Mobility Solutions

CRM Tools and Enhancements - visual productivity solutions that connect with industry leading CRM applications such as Oracle, Salesforce and other CRM solutions. These solutions improve CRM technology adoption by sales representatives and field service personnel and deliver remarkable experience for all CRM stakeholders. Partnership with focalCXM to develop solutions that improve capabilities and effectiveness of Salesforce and Oracle CRM.

BI and ETL Validator - a comprehensive Performance and Regression Testing Automation Tool exclusively for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Projects.

Education STEM Solutions — a testing solution to setup a Testing Center of Excellence, to reduce license renewal and other client costs.